Jiri Jiru's Biograpical note

Jiri Jiru

Jiri Jiru settled in Brussels after fleeing Prague as a political refugee 29 years ago. He developed an international reputation as a freelance news photographer. He contributed to such major journals as Time, Newsweek, Business Week, People, Fortune, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune...in addition to many local and national publications in Belgium and Europe.He is now working as a freelance photographer, with bases in both Prague and Brussels.

Born in Prague

1961-1965 Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering.
1966-1968 Assisted his uncle Vaclav Jiru in publishing the four-language quarterly magazine "Fotografie", cooperated with the following weeklies: "Svet" v obrazech", "Svet sovetu", "Literarni noviny", "Kvety", etc.
1968 20 August - Left for Belgium.
1969-1970 Studied at the film Faculty INSAS, Brussels (Prof. Andre Delvaux).
1971-1993 Free-lance photographer worked for ITT, Pepsi Cola, 3M, Knorr, Ford, Dubai Petroleum Company,Swift and the following newspapers and magazines: Telegraph Magazine, The Times, Paris Match, International Herald Tribune, Life, Sport Illustrated, Avenue, Art News, Discover, Fortune, Black Star, National Geographic. Has long term contracts with Business Week, The New York Times, People, Time.
1993 Returned to Prague to become Czech President Vaclav Havel's photographer.
2006 Opened in Prague his PhotoMuseum.